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 About Us

Christy Laird owns and operates Arcata Stay Lodging Network, created in 2004. She owns Rose Court Cottage, manages bookings for the other Arcata Stays for her 5 owner partners, and employs 7 staff.  Presently there are 8 Stays in the Lodging Network, ranging from studios to 1 and 2 bedroom vacation rentals.  The “Arcata Stay Mission” is to arrange upscale vacation rental accommodations convenient walking distance to Arcata’s downtown plaza and HSU, which provide our visiting guests the most positive lodging experience possible.

Christy opened Rose Court Cottage for business in January 2004, upon retiring from a 22 year career as a sales representative in the apparel and gift industry.  Blessed with a creative skill set, she transformed what was previously an office space for her husband, into Rose Court Cottage and launched a new career working from home.  Having traveled for years, she knew what lodging amenities she appreciated and has made every effort to provide for her guests’ comfort during their stay.  She is a graduate of Humboldt State University, a former member of the Board of Directors of the Humboldt County Convention and Visitors Bureau, and has also served as the President of the Board of Directors of the Humboldt Film Commission (R.R.E.E.L., Inc.).  She is married to Aldaron Laird.  Aldaron also attended Humboldt State University and works as the senior environmental planner for Trinity Associates, specializing in aquatic regulatory compliance, the public trust doctrine, and sea level rise adaptation planning.  He is also elected to the Board of Directors representing District 5, of the Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District.  Aldaron  serves as Christy’s accomplished photographer for the Rose Court Cottage and Arcata Stay photo albums.  Both share their home with their French Lop house rabbit Buddhleigh and Christy enjoys introducing him to her lodgers as the Rose Court Cottage “Official Greeter.”  Sharing information about the garden is also always a pleasure.


Lester & Ana Johnson Home 1940s



Christy and Aldaron are only the second owners of their 75 year old residence.  The home was built in 1939 by original owners Lester and Ana Averell Johnson, both from pioneer families who could trace their lineage to Arcata’s earliest days.  The custom home was built for the Johnsons of the finest materials available and was a modern showcase for its time.  The old growth heart redwood used in its construction is not available today.



Lester & Ana Johnson Family 1940s


Besides residing in the same house, the Lairds and Johnsons have some other commonalities.  Ana was also an HSU alumnae, earning her degree in the first graduating class in 1915, from what was then known as Humboldt Normal School, and coincidentally, Lester Johnson served on the Arcata City Planning Commission in the 1950’s and Aldaron also served on the commission for 10 years.  Lester Johnson passed away in 1971 and Ana followed in 1988.  Christy purchased the residence from the Johnson’s granddaughter who inherited the estate.  After some re-modeling and painting, Christy moved into her home on January 1,1989.  She and Aldaron were married in 1991, and both have worked on numerous projects over the last 20 years to enhance the home.


Christy has had a love affair with Arcata since she moved here over 40 years ago to attend Humboldt State University.  She graduated and couldn’t imagine leaving such a special place; this progressive kinda-quirky little university town is like none other.  The abundance of natural beauty just minutes away in any direction is phenomenal: old growth redwood groves, miles of unspoiled rugged coastline, sand dunes, lagoons, six beautiful rivers, ever changing Humboldt Bay, and our world famous Arcata Marsh Wildlife Refuge, to name a few.  She never tires of the opportunity to encourage visitors to experience the wonders of the redwood coast and return at the end of the day to their Arcata “home away from home.”



Tileigh Laird (3)The redwood coast is a highly desirable northern California tourism destination.  This region offers diverse adventure and travel opportunities which attract visitors from around the world.  Since opening in 2004, Christy has hosted a good number of those visitors at Rose Court Cottage and booked them at other Arcata Stay vacation rentals, guiding them to the unique features of the area.  She has developed friendships with guests who return again and again to visit their HSU students or families residing in Arcata, attend our many festivals and events, conduct business, or return to a getaway that they love.



Website Photo Credit:  Aldaron Laird, Christy Laird, Lester & Ana Johnson Family, Riley Quarles, David Baselt, Humboldt/Del Norte Film Commission, Kelly Jo Brown (Humboldt State University).




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